How to buy Bitcoin

“How to buy Bitcoin” is the first question people ask after they learn about the power of Bitcoin! Google are reporting the search for this topic is ESCALATING! Excellent news as more and more people are learning about Bitcoin.

It is pretty easy to buy bitcoin but you must make sure you buy from a reputable exchange, platform or trader.

Should you buy from an exchange or platform, make sure you do not keep your bitcoin in their online wallet as cybercrime is a real problem and exchanges have been known to be hacked.

Use an exchange for what it was intended… buying and selling Bitcoin!

Transfer your Bitcoin to an offline wallet or vault like SWISS BANK IN YOUR POCKET where your Bitcoins are safe and far away from hackers.

This video was sponsored by Swiss Bank In Your Pocket which is an offline wallet, vault and integrated suite of banking applications for digital currency – safe secure and private.


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