James Rodriguez becomes the first football superstar to launch his own cryptocurrency with SelfSell

BERLIN, May 29, 2018 / James Rodriguez, the famous football star and iconic social media influencer, announced through a video message today to start the public sale of his own cryptocurrency on June 12th on a blockchain-powered mobile app developed by fintech company SelfSell.



There has been a pre-sale of JR10 Token on SelfSell app , and they were sold out in 12 seconds.


During the last World Cup, James scored in all of his games with 6 goals in total, making him the first player since Ronaldo in 2002 to score more than five goals at one World Cup tournament. Now playing for the Bayern Munich Football Club, the attacking midfielder has been in great form, is definitely one of the future world football superstars and his fanbase keeps growing accordingly. But as a millennial, he intends to be digitally one step ahead; not only is he active on social networks, but he wants to create a new type of relationship with all the fans supporting him. This is why he decided SelfSell could help him develop his career even more.


The Colombian football star, delivered the message through a video recorded during the speech of the SelfSell Founder & CEO, Yuan Li, at the BlockShow 2018 in Berlin. He launched the JR10 Token, the first cryptocurrency launched by a football player on active duty, aiming to build stronger fan relations and create new growth driven power for global sport market.



James found it’s “a super cool trial” to launch a token branded with his own name and bring valuable gifts to all his fans. “Now I have come to a new field and brought everyone a brand new me”, he said.


According to Li, JR10 Token has proved its great potential. There has been a pre-sale of JR10 Token on SelfSell app yesterday, and they were sold out in 12 seconds.


By far, a football star’s value can be actualized mainly through performing as a brand ambassador, earning transfer income, or winning game prize. Using the blockchain technology, SelfSell built a platform that enables more possibilities to actualize personal value and extend one’s influence.


As Li noted, JR10 Token will also benefit all James’ fans. For instance, the token is planned to be used for exchange of match tickets, souvenirs, and the merchandise exclusively made for them as well as the opportunities to participate in his fan club activities. Through holding JR10, his fans will be “more than just cheering spectators, they also the beneficiaries of his growing value”, Li added.



8% of the JR10 Token tokens will be issued to James’ fans free of charge, which equals 160 million tokens, to create a rapidly growing JR10 fans community.


Superstar Token can be bought on the SelfSell application only. It is available on the selfsell.com or Playstore.


For more information, please visit https://selfsell.com/, or contact info@selfsell.com


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