Clothing & Food Industry to Undergo Transformation with Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing Process


An Arizona-based clothing firm has received funding for its AI-based operation. Moreover, the food and beverage industry has been undergoing transformation as AI is implemented in manufacturing processes.

Portland, Oregon: An Arizona-based clothing firm has received funding for its AI-based operation. Moreover, the food and beverage industry has been undergoing transformation as AI is implemented in manufacturing processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are emerging with the faster pace than before in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers have been reevaluating their processes and determining how to enhance efficiency and make well-informed decisions for the future.




AI can transform an entire manufacturing ecosystem. There has been a large-scale adoption of AI technologies owing to various benefits such as improved accuracy and saving of time & labor costs. According to the research firm Allied Market Research, the global Artificial intelligence in manufacturing industry would reach $15.2 billion by 2025. With advanced capabilities, AI enables manufacturers to detect risks regarding processes and draw necessary insights.  






Clothing industry player uses AI for customized clothing:

AI has made its way in the clothing industry. Maison Me, a custom-design firm uses AI technology to design customized clothing.  Anastasia Sartan, a serial entrepreneur has employed a personal stylist chatbot to take inputs and design clothing accordingly. Now turned into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, the company engages clients through a chatbot and gives recommendations. A customer fills the form by Epytom Stylist and gives personal recommendations based on the platform developed by Sartan and her team in 2016. The chatbot analyzes preferences, demographics, and tastes.

The insights from this data are given to a human designer who produces custom sketches for proposed apparel. The sketch is sent to the clients. They can suggest some changes or request an entirely new design. Once the design is approved by the client, there is a video call through which measurements are taken by a professional tailor. Then clothing is manufactured in the manufacturing facility in Arizona and shipped to the client’s address once ready. The company also received funding of $1 million to back up its AI-based operation. There will be more applications that use AI technology in the clothing industry for efficient processes and time-saving.



Role of AI in food & beverage manufacturing:

AI has been used for various applications including automation, error detection, and streamlining in the food & beverage manufacturing industry. Mundane and administrative tasks can be automated in the manufacturing plant. Processes including creating logs, placing re-orders, updating schedules, and formulating recipes can be automated. Moreover, if there are any changes to these tasks, the administrator can be informed. There are many sensors in the plant and they generate an enormous amount of data. AI can analyze the data and extract insights that can be used to improve processes. These insights can also inform about potential failures or systems that require maintenance.

In addition, if ingredients are poured in larger quantity than specified limits, the system can inform about the excess quantity. The machine learning capability can learn from experience and give insights that can improve estimates. AI can detect patterns and find the cause-and-effect relationship that can be used to estimate the outcome. Business intelligence (BI) solutions can be employed with built-in AI to determine forecasts and make decisions based on the insights. As technology advances, there will be more applications of AI that would help the food & beverage manufacturing industry in improving efficiency and streamlining the processes.

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