Innovation in AI and its potential impact on various industries


AI will make a significant impact on various industries such as automotive, gaming, and cybersecurity. The transformation of these sectors is on the horizon.   


Technological innovations have taken place in every industry and implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) is on the forefront. The automotive sector is implementing AI for speech inputs and build a connected ecosystem. The gaming industry would also go under transformation with better balance and enhanced user experience. Moreover, detection of new cyber attacks will be possible along with countering them as human expertise will fall short.


AI industry is experiencing a boom. According to the research firm Progressive Markets, the global artificial intelligence market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 46.5% from 2017 to 2025. Following are some of the recent activities and their impact on the industries.


AI-powered speech solutions in automotive for the first time:

An automotive-grade speech recognition for a Chinese manufacturer Geely has been offered by Nuance Communications, Inc. Geely has entered a joint venture deal with a Malaysia automaker PROTON for development of vehicles for the Southeast Asia market. This is the first time on which an AI-powered speech solution has been offered for Southeast Asia. Nuance’s AI-powered speech solutions are provided specifically for the car. This solution consists of automatic speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities enhanced for usage in Southeast Asia. It is focused on the accurate recognition of Malaysian-accented English. A voice-powered interface and experience are offered for in-vehicle controls such as air conditioning, sunroof, car windows, navigation, and others. The technological innovation is a major part of producing advanced cars with enhanced mobility. The conversational AI technologies would help manufacturers in enhancing the user experience for customers. The smart automotive assistant would be also useful in a connected ecosystem in the future.



Enhanced experience and better balance in gaming:

Gaming industry is one of those industries which will undergo a transformation with the emergence of AI technologies. Chi Keong Goh, AI technical director at Yoozoo Interactive, a Chinese developer and publisher of mobile games, outlined that there will be massive change with the emergence of AI in the gaming sector. Chi stated that there will be more engaging gaming experience owing to realistic non-player characters. These characters will be controlled by the AI of the game, instead of other gamers. There will also be a better game balance control. Along with offering different gaming experience than conventional games, AI technologies help the staff to achieve greater value and have fulfilling work experience that helps in developing better games. As the gaming becomes increasingly social and people have been preferring multiplayer games, AI capabilities would play a greater role in enhancing the overall experience.



AI to be a strong defense against evolving cyber attacks:

Cybersecurity is one of the most important applications in which AI can be deployed. Cyber attacks are becoming more complex each day and growing significantly. Companies have been undergoing attacks from ransomware to unknown malware. The modern threats are becoming more malicious and humans are not able to manage complex networks. In addition, the traditional methods are not able to keep up with these new intricate attacks carried out to harm or breach safety. Few companies are stepping into realms of AI. An Enterprise Immune System deployed by Darktrace is an AI system that can defend new threats without the need of prior knowledge about them or signature.

Andrew Tsonchev, director of technology at Darktrace Industrial, outlined that there is no silver bullet for cybersecurity. He added that though humans have the expertise, they are unable to predict attacks of tomorrow. These attacks are fast-paced, and AI has the capability to overcome them. Genuine AI defenses can detect evolving attacks and counter them. AI can counter novel attacks and will become an essential option for defense.


About the author:

Pratik Kirve is writer, blogger, and sport enthusiast. He holds a bachelor degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and currently working as a Content Writer at Progressive Markets. He has avid interest in writing news articles across different verticals. When he is not following updates and trends, he spends his time reading, writing poetry, and playing football.



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