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Is it ok to talk to multiple women at once?

Victor Haisel, Life Experience with the opposite sex for more than 30 years

Answered Jun 10


Yes, absolutely and as a man you should always have a good social circle of women, that is your best position. Women are always keeping their options open, sometimes even when married. It is their nature to look for greener grass…

If you decide to commit to one woman, make sure that she is committed as well.

Reality is, as a man you need to have your act together at all time so that your woman does not start looking for someone better. This means you should always be working on bettering yourself and your life’s purpose..


How can I be more attractive to women?

There are a few things you can do right now that will not only make you more attractive but irresistible to women do the following.

  • Get on purpose. Women loves a man who knows where he is going and has confidence in his purpose.
  • Make friends with lots of men and women – Expand your social circle. Women like to see you being social and having fun.

  • Don’t chase women, attract them! The way to do this is with your inner confidence and self belief. If you don’t know what to do in this regard then join a program that can help you to build your self-esteem.

  • Work out. Not only will you look better but this will help with your confidence as well.

  • Assume you are attractive and that women want you. Think James Bond, when he is engaging with a women, there is never ever even the hint of another man in the picture, he already assumed she was his and she follows your assumption.


Ultimately this comes down to one big thing… CONFIDENCE! If you have the right amount of confidence, self assurance and behave congruently with it, women will be attracted to you, like bees to a honey pot.




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