Argentinian Peso Plunges 30%, rush to safe havens Gold and Bitcoin

Argentina‘s peso currency plummeted before leveling off on Monday while stocks and bonds fell by a degree not seen in 18 years as voters signalled they could reject market-friendly President Mauricio Macri at an election in October and return the country to interventionist economics.


Gold prices rose to a record high of N$ (Argentinan Peso) 84,558 on Monday, as investors were spooked by the prospects of populist left-leaning Peronist administration in Buenos Aires, which favors greater state control of the economy and opposes a landmark trade deal with the European Union.

Argentina’s Merval index fell 38% lower on Monday after pro-business President Mauricio Macri faced defeat in a primary election Sunday against Peronist candidate Alberto Fernández.

Argentinian Peso also dropped close to 30% to hit a record low of 62.8455.

Data from local cryptocurrency exchange Buenbit put Bitcoin trading around $11,750 at press time Aug. 13, compared to around $11,330 on major global exchanges.




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