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Bitcoin’s market cap has skyrocketed to over $137 billion. But what is Bitcoin and how does it work? And what makes Bitcoins secure?  Bitcoin’s price has grown in value to $8,000, and just over a year ago in the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin was approximately $1,000. An astronomical growth from two years ago.




Forbes, a global media company, known for reporting on business, investing and technology recently announced a FREE webcast planned for 2nd May 2018 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. EST, where Bitcoin and crypto assets expert Jack Tatar will answer these questions and more.


Join Forbes’ most requested webcast, Beyond the Bubble: Investing In Bitcoin And Crypto Assets.



According to Forbes, in this free webcast… you will discover:



  • What are crypto assets?
  • How do Bitcoin and Ethereum work?
  • Why is Bitcoin so revolutionary?
  • What are crypto tokens?
  • Why some digital currencies are worth so much today
  • What is a blockchain? And why is everyone so excited about it?
  • How can this new world of crypto finance impact you?
  • How something digital could be worth anything.
  • And much more



Register for the webcast here –  Beyond the Bubble: Investing In Bitcoin And Crypto Assets.


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