BITCOIN, acceptance increasing as digital GOLD!

“Bitcoin is gaining traction with modern-day gold bugs who question the stability of paper currencies or worry about protecting their savings during the next financial crisis”

Gold has always been seen as a safe haven for investors concerned about global economies and the monetary system.  Now there is another alternative… a global decentralized digital cryptocurrency without borders, a new safe haven, Bitcoin.  

The gold market is massive compared the Bitcoin market, a fact because Gold has stood the test of time since 550BC and Bitcoin just begun in 2009.  As Bitcoin adoption grows, we will see more investors diversifying their investment portfolios into cryptocurrency.  An eCommerce new Economy has been born.
Need to know how Bitcoin works?
Watch this video on The Economics of Bitcoin and virtual currency.

By the way, have you ever tried to carry a bar of gold in your pocket?   You can take Bitcoin anywhere… just saying 🙂

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