Bitcoin adoption in the United States of America (USA)

On our World Bitcoin Adoption tour, we reach the Land of Opportunity… The United States of America!

The USA is the biggest economy in the World, third most population behind India and China and with a median age of 38.1 years.. a relatively young population.

The U.S. economy is expected to strengthen in the second half of 2016, a strong U.S. dollar, weak global demand and low oil prices will continue to weigh on the country’s exports and fixed investment.

The USA elections are creating a very divided nation and all eyes are on the Presidential elections on the 8 November 2016 – a historic campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Much political uncertainty and fear is the order of the day. How will markets react if Donald Trump wins as polls suggest it is Hillary Clinton!

In terms of investors… they seem very jittery. Cash is at the highest level since 9/11; Hedge fund investors pulled $28.2 billion from the industry in the third quarter of 2016, the most since the aftermath of the global financial crisis of 2008, and Interest Rate hikes on the cards.

In terms of Bitcoin and Blockchain adoptions, the USA is in the game… Blockchain Support Bill Passed the Vote in US Congress; US Patent and Trademark Office website brings up around 60 hits for Blockchain and more than 500 pending patents for Bitcoin at this point in time – and growing; Blockchain technology getting much attention from the US Government, Central Bank, large business such as Microsoft, IBM, WalMart, Amazon.

We see initiatives such as payment systems, security, voting, contracts, identity, food safety, shipping, mobile wallets and applications, exchanges, music, media, healthcare, real estate … and the list continues.

The Winkelvoss Twins are seeking approval to launch a bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)… SolidX has filed too.

There are many FinTech Startups as well as startups in other industries using the blockchain – even in Delaware, known for high company registrations, are also working on a blockchain project to streamline record keeping and paperwork.

Blockchain Start up – Civic launched 2016 to combat identity theft – Kudos!!!

There are many meetups and Conferences all over the States – Find one close to you and get involved.

In terms of our assumptions, Bitcoin is a natural hedge against the US$ and it should be part of an American’s investment portfolio. The country is gearing up… will the USA also be the biggest in our new digital economy? The USA is certainly the Land of Opportunity… BUT… who is moving into the White House? President Donald J Trump!

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