Bitcoin and Crypto Bounties fight Poverty

It seems that Bitcoin and crypto bounties are doing more to alleviate poverty than most people believe.


What is a Crypto Bounty?


A crypto bounty is a small crypto payment to someone in exchange for a task and sometimes those tasks can be fairly simple such as sending out a tweet or more complex like writing an article, making a video or even doing some development work.


Recently it has come to light that people in impoverished conditions are having a major improvement in their lives by utilising these bounty opportunities.


Here are two such stories:


Nigerian writer Ayobami Abiola told CoinDesk he’s making “multiple times over” what he used to make by claiming bounties

According to Abiola, he’s making this by completing “bounties like article writing, posting on Reddit, Facebook like and share, Bitcoin Talk [forum] comments and joining Telegram groups for many projects.”

This year alone he’s made more than $1,000 by collecting bounties.

And again, while that might sound like a pittance, it’s actually double what most Nigerians make in a year.

Crypto enthusiast Vinay V, who lives and works in Bangalore, India, said he was able to make $500 instantly in his first crypto airdrop, a popular way of attracting users to new cryptocurrencies by sending them free tokens based on how many coins on another platform they hold.


This made him hungry for other easy ways to make extra money.


Full story: – Crypto bounty is offering a way out of poverty



Anyone can participate


The great thing about crypto bounties is that anyone can participate, you don’t need any technology or crypto experience


Types of bounty programs:




With an Airdrop, the bounty hunter needs to complete a few tasks to receive free crypto. This is a very popular way for new and even existing currencies to build brand awareness.


To participate in an Airdrop click here





The faucets are just that, a dripping tap and in this case, it drips crypto. The bounty hunter usually has to complete a captcha or answer a question in exchange for free Crypto.


Here are two very popular faucets: 

This faucet pays out every 5 minutes and includes a chance to win the Jackpot. Refer to your friends and earn a 25% referral bonus.  Free wallet when you sign up here –

This faucet pays out every 10 minutes and includes a chance to win the Jackpot. Refer to your friends and earn a 50% referral bonus.  Free wallet when you sign up here –


Most faucets also offer the opportunity to introduce others for a small commission.



Development bounties


These bounties are more advanced and involve development work. They can, however, be very lucrative.

Here are some bounties for those developers in our midst.


Some of these bounties may seem small but if bitcoin/crypto enters another bull market, bounty hunters could see massive gains for their efforts.


So don’t delay bounty hunters – start collection your crypto, right now.


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