Bitcoin Destinations – Arnhem Bitcoin City, The Netherlands

Bitcoin Destinations showcases the friendliest Bitcoin City in the World, Arnhem which is located in The Netherlands.

From their website ” “Arnhem Bitcoinstad” (‘Bitcoin City’) as they call it, came into existence when three Bitcoin enthusiasts decided they wanted to be able to spend bitcoins in their own town. They went on a mission to convince local bars and restaurant owners to accept bitcoin payments. At the opening at May 28th 2014, 15 places accepted bitcoins. Since then, more and more shop owners joined them so you can buy a greater diversity of products and pay with Bitcoin in Arnhem.

Their goal is to demonstrate there is an alternative for the current financial system by creating a bitcoin economy. Already a some merchants use bitcoins to buy supplies at other merchants who accept bitcoin.

Their expectation is that Bitcoin -and especially the blockchain technology behind it- will become a part of our everyday life. To pay with bitcoins is just the first application it offers, but more applications will arise. There are bitcoin presentations held in Arnhem to discuss the possibilities.”

A visit to Arnhem Bitcoinstad aka Bitcoin City is a must for any Bitcoin Newbie or Bitcoin Expert!

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