Bitcoin, Digital Gold vs Physical Gold

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Gold besides the fact that Bitcoin is digital and Gold is physical?


Before we delve into a discussion regarding the merits and demerits of either investing in gold or cryptocurrencies, we need to first take a step back and assess the nature of these asset classes. Of course, gold has been around for more than 6000 years, much earlier than modern day financial trading and investing. Therefore, gold is considered to be the archetypal precious metal, never fading in glory and relentlessly standing the test of time. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, is a really new kid on the block. In fact, most serious investors never considered it as an investable asset 9 years ago – Read further here – Gold vs Cryptocurrencies – Pros and Cons


Bitcoin price predictions – short-term or long-term, we all would love to know where the Bitcoin price is headed. Many Bitcoiners are bullish while some onlookers are less optimistic.  Read further here – Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Price Predictions


There are many similarities as well as differences… and should be a part of your investment portfolio, consider your options.  Watch this short explainer video to learn more.




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