Bitcoin, Investing in our future

Deciding to have children is one the most important decisions a couple can make… and after they are born, it is not long before you are faced with huge expenses regarding their education. One of the birthrights of a child is to be educated, this is the most valuable thing you can do for your children besides loving and caring for them. It is every parent’s dream to ensure their children are able to attend the best possible educational institutions or career options without any financial constraints. We can postpone other goals such as buying a home or a car but we cannot postpone our children’s education. Saving for children’s education is a vital goal for parents… question is, what is it the best route to follow?

Times have changed in the last number of years with regards to educating our children.  Education is going to get more expensive or even out of reach for some people who do not plan. According to experts, the financial crash of 2008 was merely a speed bump before the main event… and it is on it’s way. Times will get tough.  It is time to take action!

There are many issues affecting us such as struggling world economies, devaluation of fiat currencies (paper money), breakdown of the family unit and declining job market to name but a few.  Is there a solution to provide for our children out there?

Here are some options to consider…

Insurance policies such a Child Education Plan;
Customized diversified portfolio and term insurance plan;
Savings account with your local bank;
Buy gold
Invest in Bitcoin, digital gold.

Some people will follow the more traditional ways of saving for education and that is just fine. Everyone has a choice and free to make their own decisions after they do their due diligence to find the best option that suits their requirements.

However, Bitcoin is offering parents an incredible opportunity to enjoy excellent long term wealth growth.  As Bitcoin is deflationary and there will only ever be 21.000000 ever created, demand is increasing and the price will go up. Economics rule 101 – diminishing supply + increased demand = price increase. Investing, accumulating or simply holding on to Bitcoin could give your more bang for your buck. All the signs are there… the bitcoin price will skyrocket, having said that, Bitcoin prices can still be volatile so you need to take a long term view.

Bank on the power of bitcoin, how and why it will change the world – educate yourself, do your due diligence and make an informed decision.

Bitcoin is a decentralized, democratic, digital currency for the people of the world… the most generous gift to us from someone or a group of people know as “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

So, as they say in the classics … don’t take this gift for granted, take full ADVANTAGE!

Our children are our FUTURE, and so is BITCOIN.

Watch this video on investing with Bitcoin

By the way… have you ever tried to carry a bar of gold in your pocket or handbag?


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