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Women in Bitcoin #15  – Today we talk investing with Peter Marais, from Zug Switzerland.  Peter is an Entrepreneur, Investor and Total Bitcoin Believer… hear what he has to say on investing with Bitcoin.

We asked…
1.  Why invest with or in Bitcoin?
2.  What kinds of investments are there?
3.  Is mining an investment, they spend money on hardware etc so isn’t that also investing?
4.  What is not an investment with Bitcoins?
5.  What should we all stay away from?
6.  What happens when all the bitcoins are created, how will we still earn bitcoins from an investment?
7.  Do we need a broker to do bitcoin investments?
8.  What is your view on Bitcoin becoming an Asset class?
9.  Are there signs of increasing investor adoption?
10. How do we decide when to invest?
11. What about the security of our Bitcoin once we invest?
12 .How do we get started?
Please send in your investment questions so we can get them answered for you! Add them to the comments below please – We will record another webinar with the answers.

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