Bitcoin Is The Most Secure Place To Put Your Money

Tim Draper believes that Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is the most secure place to put your money.


He explains his views in this interview with CNBC… Also, check out his Bitcoin tie




A Silicon Valley legend, Timothy Cook Draper is an American venture capital investor.  He founded Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Draper Associates, and Draper University.  


Traditional investing

Draper comes from a family line of venture capitalists, namely his grandfather,  William Henry Draper Jr. and father William Henry Draper III.  


ICO – Initial Coin Offerings

Recently, Draper has been supportive of a new way of investing in start-up businesses, ICO or Initial Coin Offerings.  The project teams behind ICO’s gain funds from the public by means of token sales vs from venture capitalists in the traditional way.

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