Bitcoin News 28 August 2017 – Bitcoin EFT’s Become More Likely as New ETF’s filed with SEC

Bitcoin News today with the leading story reporting that two more Bitcoin ETFs have been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). “Rex Bitcoin Strategy ETF” and “Rex Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF”. Their investments will include US-listed Bitcoin derivatives. Once ETF’s are listed on stock exchanges, this will open up the opportunity for thousands of investors such as institutions, banks, pension funds, insurance funds, hedge funds and any individual who has an account with the stock exchange.

This could put a fire under Bitcoins price. According to a Bloomberg analyst, the listing of Bitcoin ETF’s is becoming more likely.



Other News in the headlines


South Korea is a country embracing cryptocurrency in a big way. A top mobile stock trading app is launching a cryptocurrency exchange for Bitcoin and Ether which will introduce crypto to over 200 million users globally. Kakao Talk is installed on over 95% of smartphones in South Korea. The KRW is the fourth largest market for Bitcoin after the Japanese Yen, the Chinese Yuan and the USD.


Platoons’ of self-driving lorries are set to hit UK roads by the end of 2018 after new government funding to the tune of £8.1 million was announced – more devices and items will be connected to the internet in the years to come. The prediction is more than 80 Billion by 2025 – all these devices will need encryption to ensure security.


The OpenBazaar could be accepting Altcoins in the future – OpenBazaar allows anyone in the world to buy or sell any good or service in exchange for Bitcoin. Currently, OpenBazaar only supports Bitcoin but it seems this will change shortly.


Altcoins have had a tremendous 2017, traded volumes are up and new coins are being introduced. More businesses will start accepting some Altcoins as payment as the market matures.  Download the Blockfolio app to track your favorite crypto’s.  Click here


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