Bitcoin News Review 18 November 2016

In the Bitcoin news today… Interest rate HIKE expected in the USA and a breakout of the dollar – Fantastic time to buy Bitcoin with your dollars while in China, the Yuan continues to devalue – No wonder Chinese investors are BUYING BITCOIN!

BREAKING NEWS – India is having a cash crisis and even though the world wide Bitcoin price is hovering around $750, the Indians are paying up to $900 for Bitcoin today.

Other news… The concept of freelancing and bitcoin together are gaining popularity in every part of the world; the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the agency whose mandate is to create fair and efficient markets, is also now emerging as a public voice in the industry; Russian financial institutions and IT companies and may be poised to overcome skepticism from Russian regulators; Nodio is a project that claims to be a secure blockchain-based router solution with a variety of features and IBM’s China division is working with a regional textile printing firm to to develop a platform for trading digital assets tied to carbon emissions.

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