Bitcoin News Review – 30 April 2018

A short summary of the news of the weekend:


Binance Signs Agreement With Bermuda Gov’t On $15 Mln Investment, Jobs:

Outraged Pro-BTC Community Alleges Is Misleading Buyers Into Buying BCH

VRT World Launches Marketplace Alpha Version

Charlie Lee: ‘To make Litecoin More Decentralized, Eventually I Would Step Away’

Scammers Hijack Verified Twitter Account To Steal Crypto By Posing As Telegram CEO

Enquiries About Cryptocurrencies Tripled in 2017, Japan Regulator Says



Bermuda’s Virtual Currency Business Act passes through the House of Commons, UK

Dubai: Police Use AI Tech To Locate And Arrest Gang Suspected Of $1.9 Mln Armed Bitcoin Heist

This is another story in a disturbing trend of physical thefts – we recently reported on this Man Slashed in the Face for 100 Bitcoins

ICO Promoters Can Expect Canada to Be as Tough as the US

Cryptocurrency and Equity Markets: Weekly Wrap-Up


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