BITCOIN price nearing next Psychological Level!

The past few weeks have been a thrilling time for Bitcoin Investors and Enthusiasts – Bitcoin is now flirting with the $600 level!

As reported by Coindesk:-
“Bitcoin prices have risen sharply in the past week, nearing the key psychological level of $600 after lingering close to $450 for most of the last several weeks.

Bitcoin has established a new trend over the last week or so, with markets seeing prices surpass $590 this weekend, according to data from the CoinDesk Bitcoin USD Price Index.

Overall, the digital currency has surged roughly 30% from its opening price of $453.82 on 27th May to $591.03 on 4th June, the highest since 10th August 2014.

The digital currency reached this 20-month high after climbing roughly 6% the session before.”

As we near the Halving of the Bitcoin reward, will this create a rush to buy bitcoin?

Experts are predicting the price will be pushing past $650 at this time however, considering latest developments, it could go higher.  Speculations… but we certainly know that increased demand with limited supply should push the price up… it’s the basic law of economics.

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With the current bull run in progress, did you hear what the Bitcoin Bull had to say?

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