Bitcoin price surges after Donald Trump lewd remarks

Donald Trump’s lewd remarks have put a fire under the bitcoin price!

Global events are playing into Bitcoin’s hands… Fiat currencies are under pressure while the bitcoin price is starting to surge.

Will we see more lewd videos or hear sniping comments from these two presidential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? The next few weeks are going to be very interesting to watch as they fight it out to be President… who will win? This is something nobody can predict… look what happened to the Brexit/Remain campaign – nobody saw that coming!

The Pound falls under $1.23 as London fears the cost of hard Brexit. Today is set for the biggest 4 day drop since June – much uncertainty and nervousness in the markets. Airports are currently exchanging a Pound less than a Euro!

In Germany, will there be political fallout if Deutsche Bank is bailed out? Shares at a 30 year low as the DoJ Investigation and settlement talks ongoing – $14 Billion settlement being bandied about.

… and they still have the Money laundering issue with Russia where Deutsche Bank was helping the client to buy and sell to himself – mirror trading to the tune of $10Billion! Will they be able to recover from this… they have struggled since the financial crisis in 2008.

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