Buy EOT directly from your Bitcoin Wallet

Online wallet provider, has made it easy to buy EOT directly from their website without the need to go to a cryptocurrency exchange. Customers can purchase EOT directly from their Bitcoin wallets hosted on the site.



New easy to use EOT and Bitcoin wallets.


It is very easy to open an account and once the account is opened Bitcoin and EOT wallets are opened for the user automatically. A neat feature is that users can send cryptocurrency directly from user to user with zero fees.  The site also has a chat feature where users can interact with other users in a public chat room as well as send private messages.



Faucet: – Earn Free Crypto


An enticing feature of the website is the EOT-Faucet, this is a reward based feature whereby users can earn EOT by solving a captcha and users can return every 15 mins to claim more EOT.


You can also earn a 25% referral commission by introducing other users.


Massive 1 Million EOT Airdrop Bounty


In an effort to increase EOT adoption, the online service announced a bounty program of 1 Million EOT’s. Anyone registering for the airdrop and opening an EOT Wallet will receive 100 EOT as a reward. This is a very easy and risk-free way for users to get their hands on EOT.


The airdrop is managed by and can be accessed on their website, here.



Further developments:


The online service confirmed that new currencies will be added shortly as well as a number of e-commerce solutions that will make it easy to spend your EOT and other currencies.


More about EOT –

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More about EOT:



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