Buying or selling, whatever floats your boat!

An awesome platform called OpenBazaar has just been launched to enable us to buy or sell our goods online with Bitcoin being the payment system.

There are no rules, fees or restrictions, so you can sell or buy whatever you fancy. But let’s hope this is not Silk Road all over again!

Take a look at this list of items under $10 you can purchase…

OpenBazaar have huge plans for the future and wish to be the Global leader in censorship-resistant trade – read more about their ambitious plans – click here

Interesting to note their move into the social media space:-

“One of the more complicated features OpenBazaar expects to roll-out over the next year is a mobile application integrated with third-party messaging bots, including Slack, WeChat, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Kik and others designed to relay messages from “remote” nodes. We aim to develop a client-only mobile application, which would empower users to fully manage their node remotely and securely”

Why not take a peak, here is the website
Who knows, OpenBazaar could help you get your products online and earning Bitcoin! No Fees, No Restrictions… the world is your Oyster!



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