Crypto Expert’s Bullish Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2018 and beyond

Bitcoin is on the center stage and it seems there is no backing down for this revolutionary “Internet of Money”, a phrase coined by Andreas Antonopoulos.  The cryptocurrency trailblazer’s success and failings have started a new economy that is booming as more cryptocurrencies are added to the growing list.  



Mainstream media picked up on Bitcoin’s meteoric rise in value towards the end of 2017 creating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) as news-watchers scrambled to “get into” Bitcoin.  The price shot to the region of $20,000 per Bitcoin mid-December 2017, creating massive excitement, Lamborghini sales, and some craziness.


As the new year started, Bitcoin began to falter which probably caused panic selling – the cryptocurrency dropped below $7000 during the first week of February 2018.  





Since then, the Bitcoin price has slowly started to rise and experts are mostly predicting very bullish prices.  What is your opinion? Is Bitcoin unstoppable? Cryptocurrency is here to stay.




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