Crypto Lawyer: Binance hack reveals imminent system-wide Bitcoin failure


Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT): “White Hat” crypto lawyer Dr. Jonathan Levy predicts the recent Binance exchange disruption is a symptom of a larger imminent system-wide failure in the integrity of the Bitcoin blockchain.



According to Dr. Levy, the situation is critical because crypto exchanges have for years been routinely accepting deposits from professional crypto laundering outfits like while providing no relief to the victims of crypto hacks, extortion, and ransomware. According to Dr. Levy: “The Bitcoin blockchain is being misused by cybercriminals to launder the proceeds of crypto crime with the full knowledge and participation of the exchanges and nodes who have become by default participants in crimes by failing to implement even the simplest anti-money laundering measures and by inexplicably refusing to set aside funds to reimburse victims.  For reasons of expediency and profit, the nodes and exchanges have failed to act even though Bitblender operates in the open.” boasts it is the “#1 Bitcoin Mixer on the Darknet.” Bitblender claims to use smart technology to erase Bitcoin history and make transactions 100% anonymous in effect laundering Bitcoins.  Bitblender erases the previous blockchain and then redeposits the Bitcoins under a new profile. Levy estimates 99% of the Bitblender transactions are criminal in nature and that over a billion dollars of Bitcoins have been laundered in the past few years .


The Crypto Currency Resolution Trust has filed a lawsuit against the Bitcoin Blender Organization or Bitblender for short, the illegal cryptocurrency exchange, which purports to erase all traces of the blockchain from a stolen Bitcoin.  The lawsuit has been accepted and filed with the Supreme Court of British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT) which the Trust asserts has jurisdiction over the .io domain. Levy who is the lawyer for the CryptoCurrency Resolution Trust is in communication with the British officials who are responsible for the secretive .io top-level domain and indicates the British Indian Ocean Territory Supreme Court has authorized service of the groundbreaking lawsuit.


Bitblender operates from the dark web with a single public presence at The Bitblender website provides instructions on how to access the dark web service and launder Bitcoins.


The lawsuit is Crypto Currency Resolution Trust v. Bitcoin Blender Organization attachedCCRT v Bitblender filed

For more information contact: Dr. Jonathan Levy +44 (0) 20 8144 2479 –


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