Cryptosuite Review

Cryptosuite is the latest offering of online software vendor Luke McGuire and we thought it would be worth a look.



Luke has a good track record for creating valuable software and trading software in the Crypto space is much needed and in this regard, Cryptosuite is definitely targeting a gap in the market. 

As Luke says, “Imagine being able to and with no experience at all, be given the winning coins instantly based on LIVE facts, invest in seconds & start profiting right away while being able to track your profits LIVE and be notified daily on new winning coins that can often go over 100X your initial investment.”





What is Cryptosuite?


Cryptosuite is in effect a suite of trading and information applications assisting the trader of cryptocurrencies to make informed decisions.  Turn $1 into $5, $10 and even $50 all day long.





Here are some of the features:


Daily Coin Picker


Cryptosuite will provide you with live statistics on daily movers, saving you the time to go look for it online.



Live Notifications


This is a very handy tool, you can set alerts and Cryptosuite will send you a notification when your coin is starting to make its move, enabling you to get in at the right time for a profit.




ICO selection

ICO’s are new coins that about to release and this is where the BIG money is at if you choose the right coin.

Not only does Cryptosuite provide all the information of every ICO needed to pick a winner, it also rates each ICO of an estimated chance of success for you (based on team, advisors, white paper).







For those of you not familiar with the concept, arbitrage is the purchase of an asset in one market and selling that same asset in another market at the same time, taking advantage of price differentials and thus banking an immediate profit.


Cryptosuite shows you how you can buy bitcoin for X through exchange A and sell it at a profit instantly at exchange B  for an immediate profit.



Cryptowatch Analyser Module


This module keeps track of cryptocurrencies, what they do, past history and where they could potentially go with live information on their progress.




Portfolio Tracker


This is another handy tool for the crypto trader, it keeps track of all your positions and provides you with a live profit/loss calculation.




Training Module


The training module will show you how everything in the cryptoworld works and will be very beneficial to the new crypto trader.





VIP Cryptosuite Group


Networking with like-minded people and especially people who are experts in what they do are invaluable and it is good to see that with Cryptosuite you are not alone but have others to ask advice from and share ideas with.




As Cryptosuite comes with a money-back guarantee, it is well worth a look.






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