EOT Wallet signs up 6000 users in record time

New wallet provider, EOTwallet.com has hit the Crypto road running with more than 6 000 users signed up in the first few days of launch.


Currently, the service offers a Bitcoin and EOT wallet with an easy to use client interface. There is also a shop for easy EOT purchases. The site also hosts an interactive chat where users can discuss all things Crypto.



Revenge of the Faucet


The most popular feature of EOTwallet.com has been the EOT Faucet, it has been so popular in fact that the Faucet had to be paused several times in the first few days to upgrade capacity. It proves the old adage that people want FREE things and they certainly want FREE EOT.

All this activity is good news for EOT and a significant increase in wallet adoption.



What is EOT?


EOT is a fully fledged open source cryptocurrency and is decentralized.  EOT coin has been developed for IoT (Internet of Things) such as devices and applications connected to the internet, and other products to secure and authenticate data.  

The future for EOT looks bright as there will be an estimated 1 Trillion connected devices in 2035, imagine EOT wallets on a fraction of them…

More information on the EOT business case – Click Here



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