Essential Tools for the Crypto / Bitcoin Trader

In search of the Crypto Moon

More than 1800 currencies and 5000 exchanges makes the crypto trading world a minefield for the new and even the experienced trader. In this article we aim to give you a handy reference guide of resources that will help you to navigate these treacherous waters.



Information is the chief currency of the trader without quality information a trader does not have anything to work with and the right information that the right time can make a trader a fortune. There is a famous story of how Nathan Rothschild made a killing on the London Stock Market by having access to quality information, receiving early news about the victory against Napoleon at Waterloo.


So what are our sources of information?


Crypto news is the starting point for any trader as markets can be moved by news event instantly.  Here are the major news sources covering cryptocurrency.



Prices, Fundamentals, and Analysis

The resources below will help you as trader with deeper insights and information on specific currencies.



Blogs / Magazines




Social Media


No Twitter list would be complete without John McAfee – certainly one of the most influential tweeters out there… Here is our list of who to follow:-

Follow these guys and your Twitter feed is now stocked with some of the finest cryptocurrency advice around.

But as they say, that is not all…




Top Ten Influencers in Crypto




Youtube Influencers



Trading and Execution:



Top 10 Exchanges according to volume.


New Crypto Exchanges


Buying Crypto


Converting to Fiat



Safely storing your profit:



Hardware Wallets:




What about ICO’s?

ICO’s are fraught with danger but very popular with traders at the moment.

Find a great resource for investing into ICO’s below.



Free Crypto and Games

It’s always great to get something for free and to have fun at the same time. Check these out and collect some free Crypto.






Are you now ready to live the Cryptolife?

Read more about the Cryptolives of these people…






Now that you have the tools and are ready to for your Cryptolife – let’s give you a couple of final tips…  

How to make money with Bitcoin, today [Guaranteed]

5 Day Crypto Cash Machine



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This e-book on Amazon explains what Bitcoin is, it explains that Bitcoin (BTC) is a virtual currency, digital, not physical, and independent of banks. Useful links and resources for the newbie and advanced Bitcoiner or cryptocurrency enthusiast.


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