Evareium’s crypto tokens build the next generation of digitized real estate

Real estate investment on blockchain? This innovative concept is brought to reality by Evareium—a digital ecosystem that uses blockchain technology to reshape the world of commercial properties. Due to its rising popularity, Evareium deserves a dedicated feature devoted to understanding its ecosystem, operations, and token sale.



Together, commercial real estate and blockchain build a bright future


Even in today’s hyper-connected, digital world, commercial real estate investment models keeps secret some aspects of trade intel such as profit margin, lease rental rates, and real estate valuation. However, the demand to make these fragments of information available is rising. This undeniable demand for a more collective, transparent and collaborative approach to real estate investment has motivated many real estate investment managers to make deal-related information public, but some of these details are still stored in unconnected systems. This is where achieving transparency and investor engagement becomes all the more challenging, time consuming, and costly.



In such situations, blockchain technology kicks into action. This revolutionary technology is a distributed, digital ledger that irreversibly records and even shares the information related to real estate. Through blockchain, real estate will address most of its inefficiencies related to inaccuracies, transparencies, payment speed.


Using blockchain-based smart contracts, Evareium is transforming the core functionalities of real estate investment and operations.


Evareium: The new real estate startup on the block


As one of the most profitable investment asset classes globally, real estate has a lot of potential to be disrupted by blockchain. Evareium has recognized this, and it is deploying an ecosystem that will make real estate robust, secure, and transparent. This ecosystem is digitalizing the real estate investment landscape via the token economy.

By bringing the token culture to real estate, the company is taking the sector’s appeal and profitability to another level entirely. As a result, the blockchain network is on track to disrupt the real estate private, collaborative investment sector an industry with global worth in excess of USD700 billion. Whilst being based in the Cayman Islands for legal establishment reasons, Evareium is has been developed and is being administrated and supported by a team of experts, many of whom are located in Dubai, and enjoys the support of notable corporate houses  including International Finance who awarded Evareium with an award accolade earlier this year, and Safa Capital of the DIFC that is lead advisor and assisting in arranging investors.



The primary goal of Evareium is to unlock hidden opportunities present in some of the unexplored markets worldwide. The team behind the project has rich experience in managing real estate trusts and private equity funds, and the added expertise of making direct investments in real estate. This company is helmed by Stefan Hickmott who has years of experience in Dubai’s financial and realty sectors.


The company’s advisory partners include Block Gemini, Blockobi, BRAVE PR and Mint Marketing. To accelerate the process of revolutionizing real estate through blockchain, Evareium has launched its ICO sale. This process is live during April 2018 with further rounds of fundraising planned in the ensuing months.


Now, the crucial question is whether or not the revolutionary concept is backed by an equally groundbreaking operational foundation. Let’s take a look.



Evareium’s operations showcase excellence


Evareium will target real estate sectors belonging to North Africa, Middle East, and South Asia because these are the regions providing a lot of moneymaking opportunities. These markets are nowhere near their saturation points, and that is why they have been chosen by the core development team behind the project.


In general, the idea is that the token holders will help Evareium raise funds by buying its native crypto tokens. With these funds, the team backing the platform will buy high-yield properties in these regions. Afterwards, the token holder will have a crypto token whose total value will be backed by the acquired real-life assets. Finally, the project’s investors will earn expected attractive returns on the acquired real estate (as a result, the associated tokens of the platform are rightfully known as asset-backed digital assets).


Aiming for stellar operations and a robust tokenized economy, Evareium and its crypto tokens intend to create a next-generation commercial real estate investment paradigm worldwide on blockchain for the digitalized world. To see complete list of the best ICOs, check out this ICO list page.


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