Facebook relaxes Advertising Rules for Trump WALL ICO

Facebook announced earlier today that it would relax its advertising rules for the Trump Wall ICO announced by President Donald Trump earlier this morning.


The announcement was made by wall builder extraordinaire, Mark Zuckerberg – who build a massive 6 Foot $100 Million dollar wall around his Estate in Hawaii.


It is clear that no-one unwanted should venture the home of the Facebook founder



As we and 50 Million other users know, Facebook likes to keep things private!


Google and Twitter have not responded yet to the Facebook announcement and it is unclear what their position to the WALL ICO will be.


Earlier this year Facebook, Google and later Twitter announced that they will not allow any advertising for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and ICO’s.


More here: – Facebook bans Bitcoin and ICO ads


Email provider Mailchimp also chipped in, banning crypto-related emails, whatever that means.


Read it here: – Mailchimp follows Facebook, Google and Twitter



Paying for the Trump Wall with an ICO


In what must be the Crypto announcement of the year, Donald Trump surprised everyone this morning with his announcement of the Wall ICO which paves the way for crypto investors to pay for building the Mexican border wall.


For more information on the WALL ICO: –  Trump announces WALL cryptocurrency to pay for the WALL


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