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There are many retailers who have taken the decision to sell their merchandise or services in Bitcoin.  One such company called Overstock, an American online retailer, ships globally and accepts Bitcoin payments.



Overstock sells home decor, furniture, bedding,  jewelry, watches, health and beauty products, computers, electronics and many other goods that are primarily clearance or sale merchandise as well as sales of merchandise due to bankruptcy.  Initially Overstock sold surplus or returned stock and liquidated the stock of 18 failed dot-com businesses at below wholesale prices.  In recent years, they have extended their offering to include new merchandise.



Once you Create your account on and shop, you will notice the merchandise is denominated in your local currency.  As the Bitcoin price fluctuates, the pricing in Bitcoin is available on checkout.



Overstock’s competitors are Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay to name a few.



For More shopping online, click here for a list of online retailers who accept Bitcoin.



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