How collecting free Crypto could make you rich



Back in the day, not so long, long ago when Bitcoin was trading for only a few cents or even a few dollars, some people were scoffing at others who spent time collecting freebies from faucet sites and other giveaways.



Those time wasters don’t seem so dumb now with Bitcoin trading in thousands of dollars and not cents.  If you just accumulated $ 5 of Bitcoin, 7 years ago that would be worth more than $ 4 Million dollars – Not bad.. Especially if you did not have to pay for it.



Is it still possible to make money by collecting free crypto today?

There are no guarantees and you could be wasting your time but if any currency repeat the run that Bitcoin has had, it is more than possible. We don’t advocate spending all hours of the day collecting free crypto but some people do this as a hobby and who knows one day you might just hit the crypto jackpot!


Cryptocurrency Marketing Strategy

So why would people give Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies away? This is a good question and the answer is that it is a marketing strategy for currencies or websites. Websites use free giveaways to attract visitors and their aim is to monetise the traffic so that they make more money out of sales or advertisements than the cost of the free crypto, thus generating a profit.

Another reason would be for ICO’s or new currencies to get exposure for their tokens or coins. In some cases you will have to do certain things like downloading a wallet to get the free crypto.



What are the ways and where can you claim free crypto?



The easiest claims are from what are called faucets. In this case, you need to just answer a question or complete a captcha to make sure you are not a robot and you will receive a small amount of crypto.




Airdrops are specific promotional campaigns that companies run and they “drop” free crypto into the wallets of participants. There are usually a number of small tasks that participant needs to complete such as retweeting something, signing up to a mailing list, downloading a wallet etc. Airdrops are usually a little bit more work than collecting from a faucet but they usually give away more crypto in return.

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Site owners want to keep you on their site as long as possible, so they also give other kinds of incentives with which you can earn even more crypto…

Here are a few popular ones.


A blackjack game, a fruit machine as well as a progressive jackpot.


A blackjack game, a fruit machine as well as a progressive jackpot.  Spin and win here too – EOT


This is the same as the bandits above except that you can win Litecoin

Bitcoin Cash

This is the same as the bandits above except that you can win Bitcoin Cash


Build your own Crypto Bandit with your crypto of choice – More information



Other ways to make money with Crypto

Almost all crypto enthusiasts are looking for ways to make money with crypto. So here are two more ideas…


Learn to trade

Trading is not an easy skill to master but can be lucrative if done correctly. Here are some pointers… Learn to trade



Bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining can be a very lucrative business but does require some technical skill as well as capital. If you are interested, read the post below for guidance:  Make money with Bitcoin mining



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