How The Incredible Passion of Frida Khalo can inspire your Crypto Life

Frida Kahlo was left disabled by polio as a child, and at the age of eighteen was seriously injured in a traffic accident which caused her pain and medical problems for the rest of her life.



Prior to the accident, she had been a promising student headed for medical school, but in its aftermath and long recovery, she had to abandon higher education.


Through this struggle, Frida found her life’s passion and blossomed into one of the world’s most beloved artists.




Look at some of Frida’s paintings – Click here


Things do not always go the way we plan or envisage but if we can harness our passion, we can work through anything and bridge the gap from pain to change.






One of the best ways to invoke the passion we need is to harness our creativity.

The video below embodies the power of creative thought…




So if you have a passion for building a Cryptolife but maybe you are having a hard time now, keep focused on your passion, focus on your business and the things you can control.  Things will change….


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