How to make money with Crypto Mining [ EOT ]

It seems that these days everyone wants to know how to make money with crypto mining.


In this article, we will show you step-by-step where to start and how to make money with Crypto mining, specifically how to mine and profit from the opportunity provided by EOT – Encryption of Things.


Educate yourself:


This is the first and most important step before you can start making money with crypto mining, you need to understand what you mine, why you are mining it and what the long-term prospects of the cryptocurrency you are mining are.


We believe in the long-term prospects of EOT and would definitely recommend that you mine EOT because of the exceptional long-term business case.



Step 1 – Educate yourself about EOT.


Read these:


The EOT Business Case


EOT White Paper


Frequently asked questions




Step 2 – Download a wallet


You need an EOT wallet to store your EOT and also to transfer your coins and to receive your mining reward.


Download your Wallet here



Step 3 – Purchase mining equipment


EOT runs what is called the “Scrypt” – algorithm which means you will need to purchase mining hardware that are set up for this.


The miners we recommend can be found here





Step 4 – Join a mining pool


Unless you are running a very large operation, we advise that you join a mining pool. A mining pool is a group of miners that work together and collective mine blocks and share the reward. It is very hard for an individual miner to compete with a successful pool.


Join the EOT mining pool here



Step 5 – Switch on and start mining!


Now it is time to switch on your miner and start making profits…


If you are not technical or haven’t mined before you might need some assistance. The EOT community is a great resource, so join the community and ask other EOT enthusiasts if you need any assistance.


Share this article if you want to show others how to make money with crypto mining.


Thank you for reading and Happy Mining! 

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