International Summit on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain to be held in Uzbekistan

World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit (WBC Summit) is taking place in Tashkent on 28 April, 2018



Uzbekistan is the 3rd largest economy of CIS and the most promising and fast-growing economies of Central Asia. It has recently become the new Crypto Capital of the region.


There are over 50 countries and 100 organizations participating in the summit. 15 speakers from Kazakhstan, Latvia, Holland, Israel, Bahrein, New Zealand, Austria and Nigeria are going to make a speech. The members from Russia are the International Secretary of IDACB Maxim Chereshnev and the Adviser of the International Secretary Yulia Khrenova.


Such essential topics as blockchain technology, anonymity of date, regulation and taxation, mining, storage and exchange of Cryptocurrency etc. will be discussed.


Within the summit, there is the Uzbekistan ICO Show. Some projects about the Uzbek economy will be shown there.





IDACB — the largest International Decentralized Association on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain which includes more than 50 states for now. Its concept is to connect crypto and blockchain community and various countries’ officials to work out a unifying approach for international legislation on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain.


World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency summit (WBCSummit) is the largest one. It will be held in May 19-20, 2018 in Moscow. More than 100 countries at the level of top officials and curators of blockchain technologies from states, more than 3,000 participants, more than 300 speakers, 2 days. The main goal of the Summit participants formulate as follows: how to ensure the safety of investments in ICO through government regulation; what legislative initiatives for cryptocurrency transactions will be strategically right for all market participants


World ICO Show is produced also by IDACB and will take place within the WBCSummit where the pitches of the best ICO projects in key business areas will be arranged. The total loan of investment is more than 2$ BILLION. Applications are now invited!


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