Investing in Bitcoin… the why and what to consider

So, you have heard about Bitcoin have you?  Great that you have, because Bitcoin is changing and disrupting our financial world and it is important to embrace the changes that are happening around us,  instead of waking up one day wondering what happened.  Be that guy or gal who does NOT get left behind…. here are a few top tips to consider:-

  1. Invest what you can afford – there is no sense in investing more than you can afford as this will stress you out and should anything happen to the market, this will drive you to exhibit the wrong behavior and cause you to make hasty decisions.

  2. Decide your goals – short term or long term or both – should you have short term goals,  you could become a bitcoin trader and capitalize on the volatility of the bitcoin price plus speculate on the devaluation of fiat currency and changes in the global economy.  Long term investing is less stressful as you will not need to react to every change in the price however, watching price movement will help you to decide when to invest more.  All indications are that, as the amount of Bitcoin to be created is capped at 21 million plus demand constantly increasing, it means the price will surely go up.

  3. Educate and keep yourself informed – the exciting world of Bitcoin and blockchain technology is evolving and developing daily.  It is vital to keep yourself informed as to the goings on in the new eCommerce Economy –  innovation is rife and startup Fintech businesses are popping up constantly, as well as existing businesses and countries worldwide investing millions into this technology.  Serious stuff is going down. Subscribe to our YouTube channel as well as our Facebook page – our mission is to Inform, Review and Educate on Bitcoin and Blockchain technology.

  4. Be Vigilant – ensure you do your due diligence when investing into Bitcoin businesses, online wallets, cloud mining and exchanges.  The old rule of “If it sounds too good, it probably is” applies.

  5. Congratulate yourself – well done on joining the Bitcoin Revolution – it has only just begun – this will be the BIGGEST transfer of WEALTH the world has ever seen!

Here is a YouTube video explaining why you should invest in Bitcoin.  We welcome your comments below!


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