Is the Bitcoin price coiling up to strike higher?

Just a few months ago, traders were getting bored with the Bitcoin price not moving from the $400 to $430 range.  Then to add some excitement and momentum, we enjoyed two bull runs… 21 February 2016 saw the price hike to $438.56 and then drop down just below $400.  The second bull run reached a level of $470.56 on 26 April only to drop the following week amid the “Satoshi Nakamoto reveal… or not”.  In the past week Bitcoin has moved up to close at $461.47 on 15 May 2016.

Investment Bank Experts are reporting that the Bitcoin price is under valued – read here
Others are predicting the price to reach the highest level by the end of 2016 – read here and watch the video
The question… Is the Bitcoin price coiling up to strike higher?  What is your opinion?
My money is on Bitcoin and we are about to see enormous wealth creation for early adopters!  Now is the time to get involved.
Please leave your comments below, tell us where you believe the Bitcoin price is headed.



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