It is time to buy Bitcoin


Technology is changing our world. We are interconnected with systems and devices, some are causing disruption in our daily lives. Some are good, some are bad. But like it or not, it is best to keep pace and embrace change rather than push against it. However, the choice still remains yours.


Remember this… “On 6 August 1991, the World Wide Web went live to the world. There was no fanfare in the global press. In fact, most people around the world didn’t even know what the Internet was. Even if they did, the revolution the Web ushered in was still but a twinkle in Tim Berners-Lee’s eye.”


Similar story to Bitcoin… “Bitcoin was invented by a person or persons using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, who published the invention on 31 October 2008 in a research paper called “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”. It was implemented as open source code and released in January 2009.”


Imagine if someone told us in the 1990″s that we were going to connect via computers and phones?


Whoever thought we would have digital currency on the internet?


What is next?

As an early adopter you would be in a very good position now, even a Bitcoin Billionaire, however, there is no time like the present to get started.

It is definitely the time to get involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, be in for the short term gains as well as the long haul!



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