Jamie Dimon Calls Trump Wall ICO a “Fraud”

The response from one well-known crypto-slammer, JP Morgan Boss,  Jamie Dimon to the announcement of the Trump Wall ICO, was swift.


He simply called it a “Fraud”


Fast and hard words from a man who earlier this year called Bitcoin a Fraud and then later Flip-Flopped, George Bush style.


Maybe he will review his position later or will the Wall Coin also be a threat to the JP Morgan business model?



Other Crypto Influencers were equally vocal about the wall.


Roger Ver – commented: Trump should have used Bitcoin Cash for the Wall, that way it would be cheaper, faster and more true to the original idea.


John McAfee  – Cryptocurrency will Make America Great Again and I am very bullish, I will promote the WALL ICO if they pay me a Billion Wall coin, which I prefer to convert to Monero, to keep things anonymous.


Warren Buffet – Wall Coin is worthless unless underwritten by the American Government.



Charlie Munger – It’s disgusting.


Tommy Lee of Fundstrat – I believe in Crypto, the Wall Coin can go to a Trillion Dollars, Well done President Trump.


Elon Musk –  I will reluctantly reveal my Crypto Stash and I categorically state that I currently own Zero Wall Coins and my Tesla is in orbit to Mars.


What is your opinion on the Trump Wall Coin?


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