Mind-Blowing Crypto Frauds: From SIM Swapping to MSBs

Cryptocurrencies were supposed to liberate society, but they have turned into a bit of a nuisance. While JP Morgan is happy to issue its own denomination of crypto tokens, the world is a little concerned about the increasing incidence of crypto frauds. There are all sorts of crypto threats lurking in the bowels of the Internet, from SIM Swapping to Crypto Dusting, MSBs, and more.


Think the terminology is a little too much too soon? Don’t you worry about a thing, because you can use the visual guide below to help you work out all the specifics. This infographic describes some of the most mind-blowing crypto thefts the world has seen to date. Use this visual aid to help protect yourself from common crypto scams, whatever your affinity for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is:



 Source – ICOpulse 

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