OwlTing uses Blockchain to shake up the animal husbandry and travel industries


Blockchain technology continues to disrupt numerous industries and reach new markets. Taiwanese startup, OwlTing, is on a mission to bring the technology to the world with their new system which not only enhances food safety but also verifies the commercial transaction.



OwlTing is led by Darren Wang, a former Google employee who wants to shake up the animal husbandry and travel industries.  


According to Bloomberg, OwlTing has built a blockchain-based system for 400 clients eliminating double-booking of hotel rooms, by recording real-time inventory as customers book through online services such as Expedia.  OwlChain tracks animal births, vaccinations, feeding routines: employees at fisheries or pig farms input that data into an app, which the company then converts into QR codes and adds to the blockchain once verified, with oversight by all.


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Food safety projects using the blockchain have also been conducted in China – Chinese Retail Giant Proves Foods Safety with  Blockchain


Numerous industries are piloting blockchain technology in an effort to improve productivity, efficiency while reducing cost and error.   Blockchain pilot success can streamline Shipping and car manufacturers are also in the process of piloting the technology – Porsche Racing to the Blockchain.  


Patents are also being filed – Walmart “Smart Shipping” and the Blockchain

Considering the prediction that there will be more than 80 billion connected devices (Internet of Things – IOT) globally by 2015, and that these devices will need security, the question is being asked… Is IoT and Blockchain, a Match made in Heaven?



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