Plan, Invest and Retire with Bitcoin

Growing old is a privilege that some of us will achieve but in order to enjoy our retirement, we must find the best way to provide financial security for the future.  We have all been indoctrinated to start saving or investing in retirement plans while young.  Some of us are serious about providing for our future and we think our first step is to invest in traditional investments like Retirement Annuities, contributions to an Employer’s retirement or provident plan.  While others wait for the government to look after them in their old age. Unfortunately, these funds are no longer keeping pace which also includes the government funds – UK pension funding position weakest in Europe.  Regarding savings, many banks these days are charging the account holder to keep their money vs them paying them interest!  The world is changing.

It is time to look to Bitcoin – the best performing new investment asset class in the world!  There are various ways of investing in Bitcoin.

Consider these investment options:-

  • Buy Bitcoin on a regular schedule no matter what the price is at the time of purchase – benefiting from Dollar Cost Averaging  overtime will increase profit – hold safely offline.  Nobody knows just where the Bitcoin price will be headed but experts are bullish and the fundamentals are strong.  Consider this growth in the chart below – data taken 19 January 2017.

  • Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?

  • EFT’s – Electronic Traded Funds will be approved at some stage and this could push the price even higher – investors could invest in their funds which hold Bitcoin and share in the profit.  This will also attract investment from the large providers of financial and risk services internationally.
  • Vontobel, the first Swiss issuer to offer a bitcoin tracker certificate for subscription – Invest in Bitcoins on the SIX Swiss Exchange
  • New Bitcoin Hedge Funds – Numerai gathers intelligence from over 7,000 data scientists harnessing stock market prediction accuracy – based in San Fransisco and Polychain Capital which was founded by ex Coinbase executive.
  • Bitcoin Accumulation Programs with monthly accumulation and compounding
  • Read further on Bitcoin Investment Trusts / Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Notes / Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund

As Governments and Central Banks are beginning to see the value of Bitcoin and blockchain technology which means that regulation of Bitcoin businesses will be introduced – sooner rather than later.  This will most definitely add more legitimacy to Bitcoin which will, in turn, attract more investors.


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