RAILROADED – The Corruption, Cover-Up and Prejudice against Ross Ulbricht


Ross Ulbricht is facing a double life sentence for the creation of the website, Silk Road.   


Judge Katherine Forrest said she would give Ross “the severest sentence possible.” Restrained by law from issuing the death penalty, she gave him a walking death sentence instead. Ross’s appeal points out “grotesque disparity” between Ross’s life sentence—which is unheard of for a young man with no criminal history and all non-violent charges—and the sentences of other Silk Road defendants.”


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A petition for Ross’s clemency was launched and almost at 100,000 signatures – you can show your support by signing the petition here – PETITION


Watch this series of 6 videos revealing information not heard before.


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Episode 1  – RAILROADED? Ross Ulbricht and the Silk Road Case

Episode 2 – RAILROADED – Inner workings and Conflicts in the Silk Road story

Episode 3 –  RAILROADED – Ross Ulbricht Fighting for Freedom


Episode 4 includes:

  • The Cover-Up
  • Eviscerating the Defense
  • How Many DPRs?



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