Ready, Set… GO!

You have decided to get started!

You are a “make it happen” type of person ready for the new eCommerce Economy….  you are set to embrace this exciting change in the financial world with the ultimate goal of growing your WEALTH!

But you need some guidance on how to get started?

These are the steps to follow:-
First and foremost is to educate yourself.  Learn the basics of bitcoin so that you can understand the enormous potential of what we have before us.  Keep yourself abreast with Bitcoin and Blockchain news – knowledge is vital to your decision making.  Bit-Media’s mission is to educate and inform as many people on Bitcoin as possible, and it is free to join.
Next step is to open a Bitcoin Wallet.  There are many free Wallets out there – make sure you select a reputable one.
Xapo is my wallet of choice and there is an option to order a Bitcoin Debit Card however, they do not deliver worldwide as yet.
BitPesa are offering a cardless solution and are increasing their presence in Africa steadily.
Once you have your wallet, now it is time to buy Bitcoin.  There are many exchanges and platforms to purchase bitcoin and all also have free wallets.
Localbitcoins is a platform that connects local buyers and sellers – check to see whether your country is enabled.
Coinbase is probably the worlds biggest exchange that caters for small and large Bitcoin purchases.
BitOasis is covering the UAE.
If you country is supported by Xapo or BitPesa, you would be able to purchase your Bitcoin from them.
There is no limit to the amount of wallets you can have however, ensure you do not lose the password!   For added security, ensure all your wallets are secure by enabling the free Google Two-Step Verification
Next step… learning how to accumulate your bitcoins and grow your wealth with Bitcoin.
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