Retire in Panama… or not!

Who can afford to retire in paradise let alone retire at all… unless you managed to made smart decisions regarding building your wealth!

If you have spent serious time planning for retirement you will know about the challenges and issues that might derail even the most meticulous financial plan. Unpredictable economy, cost of living and possible health problems makes retirement extremely difficult to plan for.  The strategies that worked for retirees a generation ago are nothing like what is needed these days.  Many people are forced into early retirement as the job market changes and even if they retire at the age of 65, the chances are that pensions are not enough to sustain for another two decades… we are living longer these days!
Savings and investments in Fiat currency are not giving the returns need to keep abreast with cost of living.  Fiat currency is devaluing and experts are warning we are headed for an even bigger financial crisis than 2008.  
So all of this sounds pretty gloomy and some of you might be thinking you will have to live off your children in your old age!
Halt those thoughts…. all is not lost if you take action now.  
Bitcoin is the answer!
Bitcoin is the future and is unstoppable.  The price is set to explode and should you change your fiat currency for bitcoin, you will capitalize on the rise in bitcoin price coupled by the devaluation of fiat currency… in my instance, the South African Rand.  It is imperative you do your own research and due diligence when deciding to follow this route.  I am delighted that I  accumulate bitcoin or bits of bitcoin called satoshi everyday and so could you.  Even the smallest amount can be worth a considerable amount in the next few years – we are on the cusp of something so new, innovative and totally revolutionary!
If you are serious about your wealth, there is no better time to start than now. 
And while you making plans to join the Bitcoin Revolution, consider these top 7 retirement destinations:-
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