Satoshi Nakamoto finally Exposed!

Today, the BBC, The Economist and GQ published reports on the identity of the inventor of Bitcoin.

As reported by the BBC. –

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright has publicly identified himself as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

His admission follows years of speculation about who came up with the original ideas underlying the digital cash system.

Mr Wright has provided technical proof to back up his claim using coins known to be owned by Bitcoin’s creator.

Prominent members of the Bitcoin community and its core development team say they have confirmed his claims.

But many others in the Bitcoin world are asking for more proof.

Full story:


This headline on coindesk higlights that there are still some uncertainty in this matter.

Doubts Cast As Craig Wright Publishes Proof He Created Bitcoin

So the jury is still out but the weigh of evidence does suggest that Craig Wright might be the inventor of Bitcoin after all.

If this proves to be true, the question remain: “Why did he choose to identify himself now and how does he want to be involved in future?”


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