The BIG 5… but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Bitcoin and Blockchain has taken it’s rightful place in mainstream media this week. The Blockchain Consensus 2016 conference in May showcased numerous innovations and most of the exciting is in the Financial world.  Multiple uses for blockchain technology are being developed across various industries and soon there will be millions of users worldwide.  You ain’t seen nothing yet!

According to Daniel Roberts, these are the Big 5 news items to come out of the Consensus conference:-
1.  Creator claim – much skepticism around Craig Wrights claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto.  Now he is backing out of providing proof so the jury is still out on his claim to fame.
2.  Delaware’s sights on blockchain – This state will be using blockchain technology to speed the process of registering new businesses which is significant as government support is rare and Delaware registers more businesses than any other state which means that others will follow.
3.  Banks are on board – The company Chain announced a form of blockchain built specifically for financial institutions and they already have 5 banks on board.
4.  The Bitcoin Computer –  21 Inc revealed an innovation that will excite not only the bitcoin community.  Every time you click on a link, you could earn bitcoin!  This is mindblowing!
5. Big Name support – Two big names in the financial world came out in support of Bitcoin and the Blockchain.  Excellent news!
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