The Cryptolife of John McAfee

The Cryptocurrency World has some colorful and interesting characters and one of them most certainly is John McAfee, a Libertarian British-American computer programmer, and businessman.   


McAfee lived in Belize until the authorities accused and tried to implicate him in the 2012 murder of his neighbour.  He was on the run for a month, never formally charged, and later returned to the United States in 2013.



McAfee is best known for founding the computer anti-virus company in 1987, McAfee Associates, launching the world’s first commercial antivirus software.  The company has since been acquired by Intel.  

And then he posted this video… how to uninstall McAfee Anti-Virus




According to Wikipedia, after McAfee Associates, McAfee has been involved in numerous companies involved in smartphone apps, cryptocurrency, yoga, and all-natural antibiotics.  In May 2016, McAfee was appointed chief executive chairman and CEO of MGT Capital Investments, a technology holding company. MGT’s focus was social gaming however, McAfee changed the focus to cybersecurity.  In an interview he stated that “anti-virus software is dead, it no longer works“, and that “the new paradigm has to stop the hacker getting in” before they can do damage.  In January 2018 he left the company altogether in order to focus on cryptocurrency.


And focus on cryptocurrency he has… firstly, predicting that Bitcoin will be $5000 by December 2017, and then predicting that Bitcoin will be at $500,000 by the end of 2020.  If not, he would “eat his d**k on national television”





Only to revise his prediction…



McAfee’s prediction is following the assumptions of his Bitcoin Price Predictor.  As reported by Investopedia, there are numerous reasons behind this prediction:-


#1 – the limited number of bitcoins, a total of 21 million, is way short of the number of millionaires and billionaires on the planet. Assuming that the majority will want at least one bitcoin, scarcity will lead to high demand, increasing the price.

#2 – the adoption of bitcoin is increasing, so that will help in raising BTC prices.

#3 – the blockchain technology-based cryptocurrency is still evolving and is considered to be in a nascent stage. This leaves a lot of room for growth, expansion and demand.

#4 – the cryptocurrency’s market cap is still short of the market cap of other traditional asset classes which includes gold, bonds, or stock market. This suggests there’s ample room for growth.

Monitor the prediction here – McAfee Prediction Tracker and even add your own prediction.



In 2018, McAfee joined CryptoSecure as senior strategic adviser.  CryptoSecure is a firm that says it offers “hackproof security solutions” for the cryptocurrency industry.  As stated on their website Welcome to 2018, where $9 Million is lost every day to cryptocurrency scammers. Only 59 days into the year and $1.36 billion has been stolen!”


Cybercrime is a growing global concern… even McAfee was hacked on Twitter.  He blamed Twitter as he believed his mobile phone had likely been compromised by using the two-factor authentication process offered by Twitter – McAfee believed the hacker had intercepted the authentication code.  He has since deleted two-factor authentication off all his accounts as a precaution.


On Twitter recently, McAfee stated that he does 2 promotional tweets per day at $105,000 per tweet.


“It’s self-aggrandizing and ego-stroking for us,” he wrote, “However, if you’re planning an ICO, trying to boost a coin, or want to shine a light on your latest project, you should overlook our swollen egos and see.” The link details how each tweet costs $105,000 but divided between his 810,000 followers, the cost per ‘investor’ is only $0.13. The site boldly declares, “John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency.” read further


McAfee recently setup the McAfee Crypto Team which focuses on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) market.  Their mission is to take “ICO’s into the stratosphere – from planning to sale and beyond“.


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and another word from John McAfee on his prediction…



What’s your opinion?


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