The CryptoLife of Vinny Lingham aka “Bitcoin Oracle”

Serial Entrepreneur, Shark and “Bitcoin Oracle”


Vinny Lingham is an internet entrepreneur born in South Africa, living in California and a big proponent for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Lingham is a Bitcoin Foundation Board member and also known as the “Bitcoin Oracle” passing on advice and prophecy in the crypto community.  


Besides his role as a Shark on Shark Tank South Africa, he has been involved in various companies as well as founded various other start up companies such as, a web development and hosting company;  and Clicks2Customers, which also won the Top Technology Company award in South Africa in 2006.  Lingham was the co-founder & CEO of Gyft – a mobile gift card company, backed by Google Ventures, which was an early adopter to accept Bitcoin as payment.


Founder and CEO of Civic (2015–present)


Vinny Lingham believes “Everyone Deserves Identity Theft Protection” and thus founded Civic, which offers the “complete ID theft protection”.  Identity Fraud is on the increase as it hit an all-time high of 16.7 Million U.S. Victims in 2017, this report by the New Javelin Strategy & Research Study – read further  In the previous six years prior to 2017, identity thieves have stolen over $107 billion.  A problem that is escalating.



Sold out before the sale


The Civic ICO was sold out before the sale – $33m in Civic tokens (CVC) eight days before the official offering was to take place at $0.10 per token.  


Reported by CoinDesk:  Many ICO’s have uncapped volume and rake in millions however, Lingham turned down the opportunity to collect millions in the Civic ICO.  He stated “We don’t want the vanity headlines, where it all happens in pre-sales and behind the scenes. We don’t want to be sold out in 30 seconds, we want to be distributed to as many people as possible.”



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