Turks leading the way – 45% say YES to Bitcoin

Things are about to change as people in forward thinking countries say YES to Bitcoin and NO to the old ways of transferring money.

Paypal today announced they lost their licence to operate in Turkey.  Results from a survey last year revealed that Turkish consumers believe Bitcoin is the future of online spending.

As reported: 

A statement on the company’s Turkish website states that from June 6 no further transactions would be fulfilled, and that customers should withdraw funds to banks in the meantime.

“We want to indicate that PayPal’s priority has always been customers,” the statement reads. “We did however encounter local regulatory agency rejections of our license applications and therefore have to apply the relevant steps in accordance with the instruction to stop our activities in Turkey, a decision we regret to make.”

Clearly there are many people in Turkey who have never heard about Bitcoin… we are NOW in an Education phase, so Bitcoin Enthusiasts and Believes, start spreading the word!


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