VRT World Launches Marketplace Alpha Version

VR Technologies has launched an alpha version of blockchain-based VRT World Marketplace that facilitates creation of virtual reality content without restricting developers to a single company or type of device.



VRT World Marketplace is centered around an easy-to-use SDK (Software Development Kit) and an API (Application Programming Interface).

“SDK supports dynamic adjustment to the size of the player, like, if a child plays, the character will be small and for an adult, the character is bigger,” says VR Technologies CTO Dmitry Livshin. “It also supports movements, such as squats and jumps by changing the height of the helmet, displays walking animation when the player moves around the room and allows interaction with various objects in virtual reality using more than 20 mechanics.”


According to Livshin, the SDK has three variations: for work in virtual reality parks, written under Unreal Engine 4, for the home full-body tracking system using HTC VIVE and for working with Oculus rift for Unreal engine.

During the next phase of development, VR Technologies will concentrate on creating an infrastructure for the SDK.

“For example, we will make assets of interactive objects that immediately have the necessary functionality for work,” says Livshin. “Additionally, we will create the functionality stated in our WP for remote testing with our SDK for parks and an emulator for developers.”

From March 14 to May 30, 2018, a sale of tokens is under way for VRT World, a project that includes VRT World Marketplace and a franchise for VR Park, an “offline gateway” into the marketplace, which allow outside developers to sell their content without purchasing costly equipment.


In March 2018, VRT World entered a partnership agreement with The Bancor Network, a decentralized liquidity network for holding and converting digital tokens.

Among VRT World’s other partners are Hubculture, Spacebit, Optitrack, GMT Legal and Singapore Bitcoin Club.

Investors can participate in the sale via VRT World web site at http://vrt.world. Additional details of the project can be found in the white paper available at https://vrt.world/sites/default/files/WP_ENG_3.pdf

In addition, those who will buy tokens till May 30 are entitled to a 20% bonus.


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